Jennifer Brown – Florida Horse Trainer Bio

by Jennifer on November 8, 2010

Jennifer Brown has been riding horses since she was very small. She realized from a young age that her purpose here on earth was to help horses. She learned for various riders and trainers over the years and started training young horses under saddle when she turned 17. She then started taking in horses that Owners deemed Dangerous and retrained them to become safe and willing partners. Now at age 33 she has started and retrained 100′s of horses of all breeds, ages and personalities. Worked with horses who have had fear issues and horses with dominance issues. She has used may methods throughout the years but what has always worked the best is listening to what the horse has to say and adjusting her methods to accommodate each horse as a Individual. She now practices only Natural Horsemanship methods with the horses confidence, mental and physical well being in mind. Always Adjusting to each horse as a Individual, taking the time it takes to build confident, willing partners that can go on to compete at any discipline the owner wishes. She has studied the Parelli Method for years and has tested and passed at a Level 3. She continues to learn from her mentors taking educational clinics and lessons several times per year. She feels no matter how much you currently know there is always more to learn and room for improvement. Email her for information on how she can help you and your horse reach your goals.    727-743-4089

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