Equine Dentistry at Florida Horse Training

by Jennifer on October 3, 2011

Good equine dentistry entails far more than simple ‘floating’. Thorough equine dentistry involves equilibration or the balancing of the horse’s teeth in order to avoid excessive overgrowth and the resultant excessive wearing of the dentition. This equilibration or balancing of the mouth has a huge influence on horses’ performance, their balance and movement and their long term health.

Signs that your horse may need dental work:
Dropping Feed
Resisting the Bit
Head shaking / tossing
Weight Loss
Nasal Drainage
Foul odor from mouth / bad breath
Large pieces of grain / stems from hay in feces
Quidding – balls of grass or hay in mouth


This info comes from the website of our wonderful dentist Dawn Mannira. If you are in FL and need a Equine Dentist she is very good, call 386-623-2759 for more info.

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