Florida Horse training: Girthing issues?

by Jennifer on December 8, 2013

Horses can get cinch bound if they are cinched up too quickly and without enough preparation. The cinch can make lots of horses feel claustrophobic because of the tension. So, taking it very slow and tightening the cinch very slowly and very politely will be the first step to making it a positive experience rather than one that causes anxiety. SO step one: saddle in a polite manner. Sept 2: Run your left hand under your horses belly and politly ask your horse to accept the clinch coming around. Step 3: Lightly Clinch your saddle up, just snug enough that your saddle will not fall off your horse. Step 4: Move your horse around on the circle on a lunge line or in a round pen for a couple laps at the walk, trot, then ask your horse in and tighten your clinch a little more then send your horse out agin on the circle. As soon as you are done with the 3 cinchings, get him out of the round pen if thats where you have him and move his feet more online – up and down hills, over obstacles, ditches, etc. This will help him to accept the cinch.

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