Florida Natural Horsemanship Training

Florida Horse Training is a Natural Horsemanship Training Program Located in Fort White, FL . Trainer Jennifer Brown is Level 3 Parelli Student and teaches natural horse training methods to clients located all over Florida. Email paintedstarstables@yahoo.com  for more information, or call 727-743-4089

Florida Horse Training donates it’s fees to the horse rescue Jennifer operates – Painted Star Equine Rescue a 501C Charity.

We specialize in:

Basic ground manners on babies, young horses or any age horse who needs help with their ground manners

Resolution of problems

Trail experience

Trailer Loading, in which case we can pick up your horse for a gas fee

Reconditioning after time-off or an injury

Basic Show Training for Western or English Events

Consignment and conditioning for sale preparation and promotion

Fitting and Conditioning on Halter Horses

I train only one to two horses per month so your horse can get detailed care and training that has no time restrictions. We believe taking the time it takes is very important so unlike trainers who take on more horses and must time their training from 20 min. to a hour, I only take on one or two horses so the horse and I can play for a undetermined amount of time and always finish on a good note with the horse understanding what our lesson was for that day. The training prices reflect the commitment I have to training your horse in this manner, training them right: with time, patents, Love and leadership.

Reconditioning-Refinement-Trail Training-Show Training


Ground Work Training



$600 for full training and consignment  / $400 for consignment with a couple rides per week included. We also do consignment from your farm via online and advertisement promotion only for a 15% fee  *Other Consignment Packages Available, email me with your needs and we can discuss pricing.

Weekly training rate $150.00

One hour Lesson/Training Session $45

Here at Painted Star Stables we put the relationship first above all else. The horses opinion always matters. The training sessions and speed taken on each task is tailored and adjusted for each horse as a Individual. We train based on Equine psychology , so we discover each individual horses personality and uncover their needs, wants and abilities. Using that to help each horse gain Confidence, softness, and willingness. We Play with horses, we do not work them, we have fun and perform as willing and fluent partners. We treat each horse like it were our own, with love and respect, forming a bond and a relationship with the horse. We use Natural Horsemanship methods, we never punish or inflict pain on a horse, we use pressure to motivate and the release of pressure at the slightest try to teach to promote softness in our cues and communications. We use Love, Language and Leadership in Equal Doses always. Our Clients horses leave our facility Willing, Confident, partners that make great Trail horses and even youth mounts and can go on with more advanced training to compete in a number or events. We build the foundation for you to go on and do anything you can dream of. So start today and reach for your dreams.

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