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Question: I’m having a problem with Lucky my QH gelding being very dominant and aggressive at dinner time. Although I feed them at different spots he still goes after my other horse when I go outside to get their buckets.  Any suggestions?

Answer: It is natural for horses to play
dominance games over things like
feed and water. Help avoid wars by
feeding the dominant horse first and
by allowing lots of space between feed
buckets—a minimum of three horse
lengths. Make sure a horse is never fed
in a corner where he can be trapped.

Don’t let horses push on you. Don’t
get caught in between two horses
involved in a dominance competition
at feeding time.
At first you might want to carry a
Lunge Whip or Training Stick  so you
can drive horses away from you. Then
ask them to wait until you invite them
to eat by walking away.
Because you are aiming to become the
“dominant horse,” you should adopt
the same behavior that dominant
horses do at feeding time: “Stand back
until I give you permission to eat!”

Hope this helps! Jennifer Brown

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