Florida Horse training: Girthing issues?

December 8, 2013

Horses can get cinch bound if they are cinched up too quickly and without enough preparation. The cinch can make lots of horses feel claustrophobic because of the tension. So, taking it very slow and tightening the cinch very slowly and very politely will be the first step to making it a positive experience rather [...]

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Horse Training in Florida, Trouble Catching your horse?

September 16, 2013

Having trouble Catching your horse? Try this quick tip. Every time you go out with a halter and lead rope, your horse knows what’s coming because you never do anything different. So try something new instead. Walk over to him with the halter, but just give him a scratch or a carrot or something. Don’t [...]

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Horse Training Florida: Tips for helping the Sour or Board Horse

August 5, 2013

Practical Advice for Sour Equines – Rule out physical issues that may be causing pain and the horse’s associated frustration in his failure to communicate. – Do not continue to push a sore horse, or you will only make him more sour and could turn him mean. Give him the help and the time required [...]

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Florida Horse Training: Teaching horses to tie

June 17, 2013

Question: I would like to know how to teach my horses to stand tied. I have two Welsh Ponies one is seven and the other is five. Neither of them will stand tied. Most people don’t have any advice about it, they just say to tie them and leave them there. Any advice you could [...]

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Florida Horse Training Tips: Working With Scared or Right Brained Horses

May 19, 2013

Horse sense with scared equines: – Be calm, patient and nonreactive. – Recognize their fear is more about anticipated human conduct than environmental issues that prompt the initial response. – Slow down the lesson demands and ensure they are comfortable and confident with a single request prior to proceeding to the next. – Never punish [...]

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Florida Horse Training; Reasons for a Choppy Gait

May 6, 2013

SOME REASONS FOR ROUGH AND CHOPPY GAITS • The horse does not get to travel long enough in the one gait to become more skilled at it: – Without a rider – With a rider • The rider impedes the horse by: – Positioning their weight in the wrong place for the horse’s gait (overloads [...]

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The Partial Disengagement – Florida Horse Trainer

March 4, 2013

The first thing we usually learn getting on a horse is how to stop him by using one rein and disengaging the hindquarters. It’s an indirect rein position, and it takes the power away. In order for the horse to move forward and be powerful he has to engage his hindquarters, so disengaging them means [...]

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Show and Trail Horse Training in Florida

February 17, 2013

Do you need your Horse Started Under Saddle? Dose your young horse need more trail or show miles? Or dose your older horse need a refresher course? Well you have come to the right place. Jennifer Brown can help your horse learn all he or she needs to be a Trusted Trail partner or show [...]

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Florida Natural Horsemanship Training

January 21, 2013

Florida Horse Training is a natural horse training Facility located in Fort White, FL. We specialize in: Basic ground manners on babies, young horses or any age horse who needs help with their ground manners, Colt Starting, Resolution of problems like bolting, spooking-confidence building, rearing etc. Trail experience, Trailer Loading, we can pick up your [...]

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Ground Driving Horse Training Florida

January 9, 2013

A thorough education in ground driving is a big help for horses, and I find this to be true whether they have been ridden up to that point of training, or not. The handler also derives a great benefit because it is through a knowledge of how to ground drive successfully, that his or her connection [...]

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